When Time Is Just A Word (2024)


A Gentleman’s Bet 4:29
Free Wings 4:25
Travellers Without Time 11:58
Wherever You Go 3:39
Crusading Lights 6:31
Donkeys and Sheep 2:58
October Sunrain 10:16
To Another Dimension 6:19
Country of Stars 6:40
Rainbow Tears 3:56
Back Home in Silence 8:05

Performed and produced by Nautilus

Jürgen Dürrbeck – Synthesizer & Sequencer
Martin Ludwig – Keyboards, Synthesizer, Guitars & Samples
Meiko Richert – Vocals & Voice Samples
Werner Strätz – E-Guitars & Sheep
Backing Vocals by Katja Weigel. Lyrics by Martin Ludwig and Meiko Richert. Mastering by EROC. Cover Concept and Artwork by Ned Land.

Das Album ist ab April 2024 bei Sireena Records sowie auf allen Downloadplattformen erhältlich.